University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”meets the employers from the IT sector with their future employees.

[ 26.11.2021 ]

“Meeting young people with success”


University “Prof. Asen Zlatarov ”- Burgas became the initiator of a series of meetings and discussions entitled“ Meeting young people with success ”. The aim of the initiative of the largest state university in Southeast Bulgaria is to start an active tripartite dialogue between the university, students and business representatives. The idea is to work on synchronizing the demand from business and institutions and the supply of highly qualified staff from the university.

The initiative “Meeting young people with success” will provide an opportunity for students to meet with real employers and professionals who will motivate them to make every effort for their good theoretical training, as it will be their guarantee for successful implementation, high standard of living and career development.

In the time of a dynamic labor market, increasing requirements for training, as well as the high expectations of young people in terms of working conditions and pay, employers are emerging as a natural and main partner of higher education institutions, for whose graduates the realization of labor market. The dynamic development of the economy, the sphere of services and high technologies presuppose a more frequent “revision” of the demand for personnel. The meetings between the representatives of the higher school, students and companies will give an opportunity to all participants to present their needs related to education and qualification, to exchange ideas and guidelines for the bilateral employer-employee relations and, if necessary, to make common programs for internships and training. 

The first information meeting, which will be organized online by the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov “- Burgas with the support of the Southeastern Digital Innovation Hub (DIGIHUB) and ICT Cluster Burgas aims to coordinate opportunities for support and future professional development of students majoring in” Communication and Computer Engineering “with representatives of companies in the IT sector.