The Southeast Digital Innovation Hub is Featured on the European Commission’s Innovation Support Platform CMISA

[ 15.09.2022 ]

The Collaborative Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors – CMISA is  is a European Commission online hub that collect and publish information about the innovation supporting actors and  provides easily accessible, relevant and comprehensive information on innovation supporting actors and instruments across Europe. CMISA does not directly collect this information from innovation supporting actors, but rather relies on its partner websites that upload their curated datasets in a common format.

The Southeast Digital Innovation Hub is the only officially recognized and registered in the European platform hub from the southeastern region of Bulgaria.

The presence of the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub in the platform reveals to the members of the Hub many opportunities for participation in various European projects, as well as finding partners in different countries, regions, sectors or ecosystems.

The website of the Collaborative Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors – CMISA collects data about Innovation supporting actors, offered by several European websites. Other partners are:

The datasets provided by these European websites are merged into a central database and shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence. This means that reuse is allowed, provided appropriate credit is given and changes are indicated.

The CMISA project offers several ways for other projects and for researchers to re-use the dataset.


Download the full dataset

All the information uploaded by the partners is available in merged, freely reusable dataset, available under an open licence. The dataset provides maximum flexibility in terms of re-use. More information about the common data model used in the merged dataset is available at the CMISA project development site.

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Query the CMISA database

For more integration, you can directly query the CMISA central database via an API.

Please note that the API is only accessible for authorised websites.

Please contact the Helpdesk to find out how your website can be authorised.

For questions or comments contact the CMISA via: