The Power of Synergy: EEN Network and Innovative Enterprise of the Year in Focus at the “Clusters Meet Regions” Conference in Burgas

[ 21.09.2023 ]

The past week was extremely eventful for DIGIHUB and ICT Cluster Burgas. In addition to the celebration of the 7th birthday of the ICT Cluster Burgas, the three-day conference “Clusters meet the regions” was held. The presentation of Ina Agafonova (board member) who presented the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) deserves special attention.

EEN celebrates 15 years since its establishment in 2023 and continues to support small and medium-sized businesses in their international expansion. Ina not only revealed details of the #EENis15 campaign, but also presented the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” contest. This competition is an ideal opportunity for Bulgarian companies to show their innovative solutions and measure themselves against other industry leaders.

The competition, organized by the Applied Research and Communications Foundation, ARC Consulting and the EEN Network, is an excellent platform for promoting successful business models based on innovation. Honors are awarded in various categories, such as “Green Innovation”, “Social Innovation” and “Digital Transformation”, among others.

The event created an ideal synergy between the various participants by providing a platform to exchange ideas and experiences. This is in line with DIGIHUB’s mission to be a single hub for digital transformation of SMEs and the public sector.