The Installation of the Supercomputer at the Burgas University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” on the UNITe Project Begins

[ 24.03.2021 ]


A supercomputer, which will quickly make large computational arrays and study of the human brain are just a small part of the opportunities that will give 4 laboratories and a research complex of the University of Burgas “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov.

They are part of the large-scale project UNITe, which is implemented in five universities in the country. Printed circuit boards will be made in Burgas, smart grids and models will be simulated, people will be trained on how to fly airplanes safely.

The project is funded by the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth” and through it the European Regional Development Fund provides over BGN 29 million and 780 thousand. It is implemented under the priority axis “Research and Technological Development” and aims to create the first in Bulgaria Center of Excellence. The activities set out in it will increase the quality of research and develop innovative technologies that are part of pan-European policy.

The pandemic partially delayed the implementation of the project. Equipment deliveries have become more complex and public procurement has slowed. The necessary equipment is expected in a few days, said Prof. Sotir Sotirov, who is the head of the administrative team of UNITe:

The laboratories are absolutely ready. All the peripheral things that are attached to them, the air conditioning, have been built. For one of them we have very special conditions, which are in the form of ventilation and special humidity, etc. We are waiting for the equipment.

The situation also affected our communication with the partners, said Prof. Stanislav Simeonov, head of the scientific team of the project. One of the important elements in the project is the supercomputer:

We managed to insert a very large laser, which will give us great opportunities for research. We are currently expecting the equipment that is connected to the supercomputer that will be here. We will try to connect it to the supercomputer that is at Sofia University and similar to the one at the Technical University.

The prototype laboratory aroused the interest of the business, added Prof. Simeonov. Companies from the Burgas region, Sofia, Portugal and Germany have shown interest in the work of scientists:

We do not perform direct production, but can prototype and verify the respective products.

Prof. Sotirov added:

Our efforts are focused on the study of the human brain. There is a very specific equipment that will be there.256 channel encephalograph to monitor brainwaves. There we focused on prototyping and management of missing limbs. It is necessary to study how the human brain thinks, what functions it has. When you think that you want to raise your right hand, let this thing be reported by the system, reflect it on the humanoid robot, so we can be sure that this thing really works. Imagine how many people who for some reason lack this limb, how we could create a prototype and help these people.

The project should be completed in 2023.


Source: BNR