Southeastern Digital Innovation Hub was incorporated in Burgas

[ 18.06.2020 ]

The Constituent Assembly of the Southeastern Digital Innovation Hub, a non-profit organization, was held on February 24, 2020 in Burgas. The main purpose of the Digital Hub is to develop innovation, support the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises into a Industrial and Logistics Park, as well as ICT companies by facilitating cooperation between stakeholders, technology experts, investors, government and academic environments.

The Digital Innovation and Technology Hub pointed the challenges facing Bulgarian industrial companies, for example: access to intelligent machines and technologies, remote support, intelligent control over logistic links and networks, digital marketing and sales, the availability of qualified personnel and an effective personnel management system.

Association includes a broad representation of the business, non-profit and education sectors active in the field of information and communication technologies. DigiHub carries out its activities for the benefit of society to promote, support and develop cooperation between all companies, educational institutions and government institutions in the field of information and communication technologies.

The Hub provides access of small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration structures to technological expertise, experimental facilities, and provides advice on better assessing the economic rationale for digital transformation projects. DigiHub will work to improve the conditions for access and use of information and communication technologies on the territory of the district, with the administrative center town of Burgas. The Association will carry out initiatives to expand the participation of the city of Burgas in the world information and technology markets. It will implement projects related to the promotion and realization of the benefits of information and communication technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises in other sectors of the economy, and will seek to increase the interest of adolescents in information technologies.

The founders of Southeastern Digital Innovation Hub are: Burgas Municipality, Cluster Information and Communication Technologies – Burgas, a non-profit organization, Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University – Burgas, Burgas Free University, Digitization and Implementation of New Technologies Foundation, Regional Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Burgas, Industrial and Logistics Park – Burgas AD.

More information about the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub, which will apply with a project proposal under Digital Europe Programme, can be found on the association’s official website –