Get Involved in the Events of the Digital November Initiative in Burgas

[ 26.10.2022 ]

Digital November is an initiative of the Municipality of Burgas and DIGIHUB, which aims to present events focused on digitization, entrepreneurship and technology. The calendar is already taking shape. You will find information about the events included so far in the following link:

The members of the BulevArt network also participate in Digital November. They have prepared a non-standard program for Digital Detox, which gives us the opportunity to disconnect from the network and have fun without technology.

The Digital November program is open and anyone who wants to get involved or organize an event can send a link, brief information or an idea to To receive notification of each newly added event, you should subscribe from the “Subscribe” button in the upper right corner.


* The first in-person event is on November 2 at the new co-working space at Tria City Center, where experts from the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub will present concrete solutions in the fields of information and communication technology and cyber security. They are part of the permissible measures with which Burgas small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for financing under the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability.


* An online event titled “Big Data Case Study Night” will be held on November 2 with the support of Softserve.


* On November 3, Softserve organized an online lecture on “Robotic Process Automation” and Cloud Talks.


* On November 3 and 17, from 19:00 to 22:00, the youth of DSea Networking invite the entrepreneurs of Burgas to the “Barbosa” bar. There, in addition to new contacts, those who want to learn how to grow a business online and how to sell more through their digital channels will receive support.


* From November 4 to 6 is the traditional Burgas Hackathon, organized by the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, in which teams of students and schoolboys will create a concept and develop pilot versions of applications.


* On November 5, RoboKids organizes a Game Design Workshop for children “Ghost Shooter”.


* On November 5, Board game club Aurora Burgas offers a Digital Detox with board games.


* On November 10, PapaBeer organizes a Digital Detox evening without internet.


* On November 19 – Remote Future Summit organized by Burgas Coliving.


* On November 23, Burgas is a stop on the National Business Tour “Improve your business today”, organized by Acton COACH and For citizens of Burgas, the organizers provide a code for free registration in the event.


* On November 24, the Burgas IT community organizes BurgasDev Junior, where Burgas students will present software products they have developed.


* The next edition of the Tech Savvy Talks series, organized by Scale Focus, will take place on November 25.


The events are open to visitors, but some of them require advance registration.


Source: Municipality of Burgas