Free Financing of ICT Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Companies

[ 29.09.2022 ]

In the month of October, there is a new opportunity for the companies with a staff of up to 250 people to receive 100% financing for site development, online stores, marketing in social networks, business process management systems, information protection and others.

The DIGIHUB team can help you assess your company’s eligibility, as well as take care of the application and project implementation, so you can focus only on the benefits of the grant!

The grant for one project will be between BGN 3,000 and BGN 20,000. There will be no requirement for co-financing.

The call for applications will be published at the beginning of October, but it is good to prepare from now.


They will be able to apply:

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that were registered before 31.12.2019.

Applicants must have realized no less than the following net sales revenue for the year 2021

* for a micro-enterprise: at least BGN 41,000.

* for a small enterprise: at least BGN 82,000.

* for a medium-sized enterprise: at least BGN 123,000.


Important! Companies whose main economic activity falls into any of the following sectors are not eligible as candidates: Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, mining industry, construction, Education, as well as in certain segments of the Human health and social work sectors,  Creation and dissemination of information and creative products, telecommunications and Manufacturing.

Companies that have won vouchers in the previous similar scheme for ICT and cyber security are also not eligible.


The services for which funding can be applied for are divided into 3 groups:

Group I. Digital marketing, platforms, websites and mobile applications (online store, website, social media marketing, etc.);

Group II. Optimization of management, production and logistics processes (ERP and CRM systems, Supply chain and production management modules, Retail sales management systems, etc.);

Group III. Ensuring cyber security in enterprises (System for managing information security, for protecting information in a local network, for archiving information, etc.).

These services will be selected from a preliminary list.


If you wish to apply, do not hesitate to contact DIGIHUB!