“European Funding Opportunities” conference with the participation of DIGIHUB and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

[ 18.04.2023 ]

On April 12, 2023, EUROPE DIRECT Center – Burgas organized and held a successful Conference on the topic “Opportunities for European Funding”, with the assistance of OIC Burgas and Southeast Digital Innovation Hub (DIGIHUB), which are representatives of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) for Burgas.

The Recovery and Resilience Plan, the operational programs of the European Union and the possibilities for support from the EU were presented at the event.

Petko Georgiev, chairman of DIGIHUB, presented to the participants the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which helps small and medium-sized enterprises to become more competitive and expand their business.

It is important to note that the entire EEN database is now available on the DIGIHUB website – https://digihub.bg/bg/enterprise-europe-network/, where anyone can discover various opportunities for business or academic partners for production, distribution, co-development and delivery of products, ideas and services.

Registration is completely free and is quick and easy through the DIGIHUB website.

By registering in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), small and medium-sized enterprises will have access to important information, resources and tools that will help them grow and compete successfully in the European market.