European digital innovation hub is being prepared in Burgas

[ 19.05.2021 ]

Burgas is applying with a project under a national procedure for selection of project proposals for the establishment of European digital innovation hubs (EDIH) in Bulgaria. The role of future European digital innovation hubs is to provide businesses and local administrations with innovative digital solutions and their integration into their day-to-day operations. Digital innovation hubs should offer the opportunity to experiment and test new technologies according to the specific needs and activities of each company or institution in the public sector.

In case of possible success of the project, the digital hub in Burgas will be funded under the program “DIGITAL EUROPE” 2021-2027 and will be the core for the development and implementation of digital innovations. It is planned that the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub will be positioned in the newly opened congress center at the seaport in Burgas and provide services to SMEs in the region at preferential prices for a period of nearly 7 years.

IT companies using Hub’s services will develop over 150 prototypes of new products, services or processes. This will significantly increase the competitiveness of the entire IT ecosystem, as well as the digital maturity of SMEs in the region.



The latest and most modern infrastructure

The digital innovation hub will have 5 laboratories of different types with research, prototyping and testing facilities. The laboratories will be equipped with the latest and high-tech equipment, which has allowed the development of key areas such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, digitization of public administration and interoperability.

More than 50 types of services related to the digital transformation of SMEs will be provided in laboratories, and more than 10 highly qualified specialists will take care of their services. The hub’s services will be used by companies that develop and implement digital solutions in the fields of information technology, electronic devices and mechatronics, artificial intelligence and robotics, digital computing and database storage.


Access to infrastructure from all SMEs in the region

High-tech laboratories will be located in both universities in the city, thus their interaction will help to better use the innovative, scientific and technological potential of companies for digitalization and faster adaptation of SMEs to the fourth industrial revolution. 




  • 5 new laboratories
  • Over 50 digital services
  • Over 100 digitized enterprises
  • 30 million revenue

 The hub aims to integrate and develop the local ecosystem and its export potential in the field of digital innovation, collaborating with more than 150 partner organizations that are part of the pan-European a network of digital innovation hubs across Europe.


Help for all who digitize their business

It is envisaged that the digital innovation hub of Burgas will host events, trainings and courses, as well as provide consulting and innovation services. Companies looking for help in digitizing business processes can now contact the Hub team. The hub’s team consists of digital innovation experts who provide advice and perform technological audits of companies.


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