DIGITALL Burgas Celebrates Successful Cyber Security Conference

[ 03.04.2023 ]

Last week, the DIGITALL hub in Burgas hosted a Cyber Security event, drawing attention from both industry professionals and enthusiasts. The conference featured expert discussions on the future of the cyber security market, as well as strategies for upskilling teams and developing a robust cyber security organization. Attendees enjoyed hands-on demonstrations that complemented the presentations and had the opportunity to network with fellow participants.

We are grateful to TripleP – Cyber Security Experts for partnering with us and contributing to the event’s success. Among the attendees were Digihub board representatives Mrs. Ina Agafonova, Prof. Sotir Sotirov, and Chairman Petko Georgiev.

Chairman Petko Georgiev offered a statement expressing his support for similar events in Burgas: “At DIGIHUB, we are committed to nurturing a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the cyber security field. We eagerly anticipate hosting more initiatives like this in the future, benefiting not only our company but also the city of Burgas and the wider cyber security community.”

During the meeting, the EEN network in Bulgaria and the opportunities it provides for businesses in the Southeast region were presented.