DIGIHUB Hosts Ukrainian Delegation: A Step Towards International Collaboration

[ 22.11.2023 ]

Today DIGIHUB, the cornerstone of the ICT sector in Burgas hosted a significant meeting at its office. The Chairman of the DIGIHUB Board, Mr. Petko Georgiev, welcomed Deputy Mayor of Kherson, Ukraine, Mr. Vitaly Belobrov, for a discussion that could pave the way for future collaborations.

A Meeting of Minds and Missions

The meeting was a confluence of ideas and aspirations. Mr. Georgiev presented the expansive activities of DIGIHUB, highlighting the hub’s upcoming new headquarters and laboratory complex in the Central Park complex, set to open next year. This new facility promises to be a beacon of innovation and technological advancement.

Mr. Belobrov, representing the digital ecosystem of Kherson, expressed a keen interest in exchanging know-how and implementing joint activities with DIGIHUB. This gesture of collaboration is a testament to DIGIHUB’s growing influence and its role in fostering international ties in the ICT sector.

Strengthening Local and International Ties

The meeting also saw the participation of Mr. Atanas Sirekov, Director of the “Information Service and Technologies” Directorate, Municipality of Burgas. Mr. Sirekov emphasized the fruitful collaboration between DIGIHUB and the Burgas Municipality over the years, citing it as a model of ecosystem interaction.

A Broader Context of Collaboration

The visit of Deputy Mayor Belobrov to DIGIHUB is part of a broader engagement with the city of Burgas. In a significant development, the Mayor of Burgas, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ukrainian city of Kherson. This agreement, part of the EU’s “Bridges for Cooperation” project, aims to establish enduring and beneficial links between Burgas and Kherson, fostering exchanges in cultural, economic, and public life domains.

Looking Ahead

This meeting at DIGIHUB marks a significant step in building international relationships and showcases the hub’s commitment to driving digital transformation not just locally but on a global scale. As DIGIHUB continues to expand its horizons, such interactions are pivotal in creating a more interconnected and innovative future.