DIGIHUB and 15 years of Enterprise Europe Network: Celebrating the success and business support at Digital4Burgas2023 conference

[ 28.04.2023 ]

Today, DIGIHUB is proud to celebrate two important events – our participation in the Digital4Burgas2023 conference and the 15th anniversary of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the network that supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their development at the international level.

Digital4Burgas 2023 is part of the large-scale Digital4Bulgaria project, which this year will be held in a total of 10 cities in the country. The mission of Digital4Burgas is to create conditions for sharing expertise, improve the conditions for doing business and bring value to the economy.

At Digital4Burgas2023, we presented the mission of EEN and highlighted the successes achieved by the network over the years.

Petko Georgiev, Chairman of the Board of Digital Innovation Hub – Burgas, presented EEN at the conference and revealed how the network supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth and innovation.

“The network has been working extremely successfully for 15 years. Every single day, 835 small companies receive support for innovation, 525 companies receive support for special training of their employees, and 112 enterprises benefit from professional and extremely in-depth consulting services. At least five companies a day sign useful partnership agreements. Pay attention – every day,” said Petko Georgiev. He reminded that the registration in the network is done entirely online on the website of the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub. “There are organizations that visit the network’s database daily. It provides enormous opportunities for cooperation between companies in over 60 countries around the world,” Georgiev said.

Important success cases include the Finnish company OiOi, which with the help of EEN achieved international success, the Spanish Life Length, which secured funding to develop innovative technology, and the Dutch Beefy Green and Irish Achill Oysters, who have successfully expanded their business internationally with the support of the network.

By participating in Digital4Burgas2023, DIGIHUB continues to support the growth and development of the local digital industry, while benefiting from the support of EEN and expanding its network of partners and customers.

This event was an excellent example of uniting the efforts of all participants in the pursuit of a digital community in Burgas and the region.

Learn how you can become part of the EEN network here: https://digihub.bg/enterprise-europe-network/