[ 29.09.2022 ]

Free Financing of ICT Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Companies

In the month of October, there is a new opportunity for the companies with a staff of up to 250 people to receive 100% financing for site development, online stores, marketing in social networks,...

[ 15.09.2022 ]

The Southeast Digital Innovation Hub is Featured on the European Commission’s Innovation Support Platform CMISA

The Collaborative Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors – CMISA is  is a European Commission online hub that collect and publish information about the innovation supporting actors and  provides...

[ 12.09.2022 ]

First DBAN Project Partner Meeting

The Municipality of Burgas hosted the first two-day partner meeting under the project “Digital Blue Economy and Innovation Acceleration Network” – DBAN, which took place on 31.08...

[ 01.09.2022 ]

Regional Discussion of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027 (ISIS)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,  The Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIR) has prepared a draft of the updated Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027 (ISIS) The project was published...

[ 04.08.2022 ]

Petko Georgiev presented the Enterprise Europe Network in Burgas

  The event was attended by representatives of the local government, universities, business and non-governmental organizations and took an active part in the discussion about the...

[ 24.07.2022 ]

DBAN project

Acronym: DBAN project Project number: 101077599 Project status: in progress Duration: 24 months Start Date: 01 Jul 2022 Estimated Project Cost: €517,569.70 Call: EMFAF-2021-PIA-FLAGSHIP Project...

[ 19.07.2022 ]

Meet the Мembers Event – TBS Tech Talks – Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 Location: DAS Marina Burgas Hotel, Port of Burgas, Bulgaria, @DASMarinaBurgas   About the event  TBS Tech Talks is the first of a series of events organized by Telelink...

[ 15.07.2022 ]


Project acronym: METACITIES Current Phase: Grant preparation Project number: 101087257 Duration: 48 months Start Date: 2022 Estimated Project Cost: €4,994,500.00 Call:...

[ 10.07.2022 ]

EEN Forward

Project acronym: EEN InnoForward Current phase: in progress Project number: 101052626 Duration: 42 months Start Date: 01 Jan 2022 Estimated Project Cost: €4,252,000.00 Call: SMP-COSME-2021-EEN...

[ 09.07.2022 ]

Burgas Is Already Part of the European Network for Business Support EEN

Petko Georgiev – Chairman of the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub presented the inclusion of Burgas in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) At the DigitalBurgas conference, which is...

[ 07.06.2022 ]

Watch the Digital Burgas Conference Live

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[ 02.06.2022 ]

On June 7, the “Digital Burgas” Conference Will Be Held at the International Congress Center

On 07.06.2022, at 09:00, the “Digital Burgas” conference will start at the International Congress Center – Burgas. It aims to support innovation and the adaptation of new...