An international delegation visited the new headquarters of DIGIHUB in the Central Park Innovation Complex: One Step to the Future

[ 15.09.2023 ]

Within the three-day conference “Clusters meet regions”, DIGIHUB was pleased to present its new headquarters located in Central Park. With this move, DIGIHUB not only emphasizes its ambition to be at the center of innovation, but also provides new opportunities for cooperation and project development in the field of digital transformation.

Central Park: The Place for Innovation and Sustainability

Central Park in Burgas is not just a multifunctional complex, but a real innovation ecosystem. Located on 40 acres and close to Izgrev Park, the complex offers not only housing and office space, but also a rich infrastructure that includes shopping centers, a botanical garden, and even its own renewable energy sources. This is the place where every detail is optimized for the needs of the modern man.

Prof. Sotir Sotirov made a presentation of the laboratory complex. The visit was organized with the participation of the mayor of Burgas, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and Mr. Marek Prior from the European Commission. They were part of the delegation that appreciated the high standards and innovative approach that DIGIHUB brings to its new location.

DIGIHUB’s new headquarters in Central Park is not just a space; it is a symbol of the innovation and sustainability that the cluster and complex represent. This is the place where the future of digital transformation in Burgas and the region is currently being written.

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